E-TROPOLIS Festival 2025 | 22.03.2025 - Turbinenhalle Oberhausen



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E-TROPOLIS Festival 2025


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21.03.25, Turbinenhalle 2




E-TROPOLIS Festival 2025




Website: www.tensioncontrol.de
Facebook: facebook.com/tension.control.ebm/


TENSION CONTROLTENSION CONTROL - the 2016 in Germany founded project impresses with fat analogue synthesizers. The starting point of the musical development is old-school electronic body music, DAF, Die Krupps and Nitzer Ebb send their regards! But with the album number 4 at the latest, it is clearly audible that the wheel of time continues to turn and develop in EBM as well.


All composings, sounds and lyrics were made by Michael Schrader, who’s based in Hamburg since 2018, is also the singer of TENSION CONTROL. Socially critical topics are now the main focus, artistic and scene-typical content is still important. In 2017 the widely observed debut album ‘Im Rhythmus der Maschinen’ was released, followed by ‘Fortschritt durch Technik’ in 2019. The 2nd album has smashed on the friends of Electronic Body Music and reached Position 2 of the German Alternative Charts.


The 3rd album, produced under the impression of the pandemic lock downs, appeared in 2021 - ‘Ton aus Strom’. 2023 turned into new era in the development of TENSION CONTROL with album number 4: Industrielle Revolution! 2018 and 2022 the band was touring with Frontline Assembly and Die Krupps across Europe. The raw and pure mixture of different currents of traditional electronic music leads to the highest mood for EBM lovers. Support on stage for more live power with additional synthesizers is Eli van Vegas.

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