E-tropolis Festival 2020 | 13.11.2021 - Turbinenhalle Oberhausen



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Website: www.torul-recordings.net
Facebook: facebook.com/torul
Instagram: instagram.com/torul_official/
Twitter: twitter.com/ttorul


- nur in englisch / english only -


TorulTORUL, a trio from Slovenia have been establishing themselves on the international synthpop/electro/dreampop/ indie scene over the last years. The band has been very active, released five albums so far and created about 10 music videos.

Constantly exploring and merging influences with their own development in production, TORUL built their ID with quite a unique sound which is also interlaced with different genres. Their singles, albums and also quite a few of accomplished music videos have reached a large audience and also topped various charts, such as DAC, GEWC, DAT20, EAC, Točka and others.

The first TORUL album 'Dark Matters' saw light in 2010 and in spite of an almost non-existing promotion brought two quite well accepted songs, namely 'It Was Supposed To Be Fun' and 'If You So Wish’. Not long after that TORUL signed with a German independent label 'Infacted Recordings' and released the
more widely noticed album 'In Whole', from which two singles made it among top 3 on various alternative charts.

Their unique stop-motion video 'Try' was aired on regional MTV and other TV stations. In collaboration with the DIY Initziative video crew, being an integral part of it themselves, they then went on to shot other music videos as well, receiving critical acclaim and showcasing great variety in their video work. Their recent single “Saviour of Love” from the latest album “Reset” won many charts, fans and good reviews. Over the years the band played a great share of their gigs in Germany and managed to attract quite a following there. In the aftermath of their third album they got their 􀃶rst taste of the life on tour when they went on a Europe-wide tour with Mesh in 2013, during which they were able to introduce their unique performance to an even wider audience.

They are also no strangers to open air festivals, proving they can conquer just about any stage. Torul have performed in Germany, Sweden, UK, France, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, Croatia, Serbia and of course Slovenia.


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