E-TROPOLIS Festival 2023 | 30.09.2023 - Turbinenhalle Oberhausen



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E-TROPOLIS Festival 2023




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29.09.23, Turbinenhalle 2






Webseite: -

Facebook: facebook.com/HenricDLC
last.fm: last.fm/de/music/Henric+de+la+Cour


Momentan ist nur eine englische Version der Künstler/Bandinfo verfügbar!


ArrayIt's been almost 20 years since Henric de la Cour debuted with the the band Yvonne. 20 years who has taken him through Yvonne via Strip Music to his solo debut in 2011.Henric de la Cour


The first self-titled album received glowing reviews all over the world with a sound that definitely was more stripped down and darker than the previous bands he participated in.


In September 2013 Henric de la Cour released his second solo-album Mandrills. Its a dark, dystopian journey filled with strong melodies and personal lyrics. His amazing voice and charisma who always has appealed his fans is caught on his strongest album so far.


"Mandrills" was recorded in Barnhus Zoo studios in Stockholm together with his former Yvonne band mate Rikard Lindh. It was mastered by Hans Olsson-brookes/Svenska Grammofon studion in Gothenburg.


In december 2013 the documentary about Henric de la Cour was shown on Swedish National television (SVT). The premiere was at the festival Way Out West 2013.


The documentary is made by Jacob Frösén, the director behind the acclaimed documentary "En film om om Olle Ljungström". The film depicts his music throughout the years but also that he is suffering from the incurable disease cystic fibrosis - a disease that often recurs in his lyrics under various guises.



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