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Pouppee FabrikkIn the summer of 2009, a news-bit posted on Myspace detonated like dynamite and spread faster than light across the electronic world. Sweden’s EBM legend POUPPÉE FABRIKK had not only officially announced their comeback after a 7-year hiatus, but they also confirmed a radical return to their early days sonic roots.

When we refer to “Electronic Body Music”, the first few names that instantly come to mind are NITZER EBB, FRONT 242... and POUPPÉE FABRIKK! Released back in 1990, their debut album “Rage” counts today amongst the classic releases in the genre.

If in the early days, the music of POUPPÉE FABRIKK was heavily focused on minimalistic powerful electronic style between DAF and NITZER EBB, their sound switched towards a crossover mix of electro with metal guitars bringing them closer to a band like DIE KRUPPS.

After working on various side-projects, the POUPPÉE FABRIKK giants are back, centered around their original core-members Leif Holm (synth) and Henrik Björkk (vocals) with the additional input of Jonas Aneheim on machines and long time collaborator Christian R. (CAP, MENTICIDE...).

Their forthcoming new album on Belgium’s label Alfa Matrix is announced to retain the attributes that made the band famous some 20 years ago: uncompromising growling vocals, impulsive repetitive bass lines, and solid hard beats. A strong comeback to the good old days, but with a gritty, dirty and violent touch - frontman Henrik Björkk has not gone soft with age, quite the contrary...
Prepare for an onslaught of grand proportions when the old guard comes back to the forefront of the scene!


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